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Friday, December 14, 2012

Most-Read Magazine Ads on Tablets
The latest insight from GfK MRI's Starch Digital reveals the most-read magazine ads on tablets, by advertiser category, and what makes magazine ads stand out on digital devices.
Social Media: A Publisher’s Friend, Not Foe
"Publishers need to stop being afraid of social media" was the message delivered by panelists at the MPA Digital Social Media Summit at the Time Life Building.
The Week in Magazines: New Magazine Launches Outpace Closures in 2012
There were 227 new magazines launched in 2012, according to, and Maxim launches an Xbox App.
The Hobbit: From Print to the Screen and Back to Print
"A simple reminder that print was, is, and will continue to be the trampoline that other media uses to attain their heights of grandeur," according to Professor Husni.
Apple Names Its Best iPhone and iPad Apps of 2012
Last year, Instagram received iPhone app of the year, while Snapseed got the best iPad app and a year later, Instagram is part of Facebook and Snapseed is owned by Google.
Robbie Myers Adds to the Team at Elle
Megan Mullally Tapped for InStyle Column
People On The Move at TV Guide, Backpacker, WSJ. Magazine, The New Republic...
The New York Times and Print Pressures
Guardian Kills Its Facebook Social Reader, Regains Control Over Its Content
Commentary: Newsweek's Possible Digital Futures
IPad vs. Surface: Let the Tablet War Begin
Interest in the Surface Fell 53% After Its Price Was Announced
Apple Is Reportedly Replacing iPad Mini's Screen
Apple App Store Design Changes Could Impede New Publication App Launches
Windows Phone App Store Expands to 37 New Countries
US Gamers Race to Mobile
Social Media Still All the Rage, But There Is Still a Place for E-Mail Marketing
Digital Magazine Curation Platformer Rolls Out Big New Redesign
Auto Advertisers Accelerate Mobile Spend
The Native Ad Fallacy
Will Banner Ads Give Way to Native Advertising?
How Barter Ad Deals Fuel Silicon Valley's Mobile App Economy
Microsoft Refuses to Budge, Retains Do-Not-Track Default
Internet May Soon Beat TV As Main Source of National News
Mobile-Privacy Bill Edges Closer to Senate Vote
Dozens Of Groups Ask FTC To Update COPPA Regs
Celebrating magazine media excellence, the 2013 program will honor both print and digital nominees at the National Magazine Awards Annual Dinner on May 2, NYC.
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