The Association of Magazine Media

Friday, October 19, 2012

Paul Fichtenbaum Named New Editor of Sports Illustrated
He will now oversees editorial content across the SI, Golf and SI Kids brands and across platforms.
Terry McDonell Named Senior Advisor at Time Inc.
McDonell was inducted into ASME’s Magazine Editors’ Hall of Fame earlier this year. His new role will focus on many of Time Inc.'s new digital products in development.
Newsweek's Print Shutdown Not a Sign Of Broader Magazine Troubles
"The experience of reading the print version of magazines is not going away," says Mary Berner, CEO of the Association of Magazine Media.
Perspectives on Newsweek's Transition to Digital Only
"Readers aren't ready to give up the tactile experience of holding a printed page," says Mary Berner, CEO of the Association of Magazine Media.
Media Agency Leaders Respond to Newsweek Decision
"There are a number of weekly magazines whose print products are faring better and who have created business models beyond the page," remarked George Janson of GroupM.
Lucky Coaches Retailers on New Services
OK! Magazine Spin-Off, OK! TV, Headed to Syndication Next Fall
Sally Singer Returning to Vogue
Fox News Hires Newsweek Writer Peter J. Boyer As Editor-At-Large
Michelle Sobrino-Stearns Named Variety Publisher
Time Out New York Partners With Start-Up for Online Course Offering
People Moves at Travel + Leisure, Redbook, Fairchild and others
Lawsuit Over Use of Einstein's Image in GM Ad in People Magazine Dismissed
Google Threatens to Stop Linking to French Media Sites
Twitter Agrees to Censor Posts for the Second Time This Week
NFC Mobile Payments to Hit $100B in 2016
Global Ad Dollars Up: TV Leads, Internet Rises
Is Content the Next Bubble?
Hispanic Audiences Turning Quickly to Mobile
Commentary: How to Make Sense of Data in the Digital Ad Age
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