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Mobile Matters Recap | November 5, 2015



On November 5, 2015, Mobile Matters showcased prominent magazine and technology leaders spearheading the fast-growing movement to mobile media. Speakers offered valuable insight on ways to increase audience engagement and content-monetization, and addressed mobile technology beyond cellphones like wearables and virtual reality.


"Gen Y has everything. They have every device they can buy." - Susan Bidel

SETTING THE STAGE: A day in the life of the mobile consumer

Susan Bidel, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research shared research on the demographics and usage of mobile consumers, emphasizing that while millennials tend to be more technically proficient, Generation X has the largest online presence due to disposable income. She also touched on the ever-evolving nature of mobile technology beyond cellphones, including smartwatches and internet-connected televisions.


"We want to make sure the content is right for the consumer and the advertiser." – Callie Schweitzer


Callie Schweitzer, Editorial Director, Audience Strategy, Time Inc. and Ian Orefice, Senior Executive Producer, Time Inc. discussed the strategies and mindset needed to promote content discovery and user engagement during the migration to mobile media.

To watch a video of the session, click here


"We want to be authentic with the brand, and we have to make content that's relevant for its platform." –Jim Kelleher

MOBILIZING VIDEO: Strategies for creating and monetizing video for the mobile consumer

The “Mobilizing Video” panel discussed tactics they’ve used to produce memorable content while still creating sustainable business for advertisers. By customizing videos to specific social media platforms, the panelists shared how they were able to produce content that resonates with their mobile audience while still making a profit.  From left:

  • Jordan Osher, Founder and CEO, Capture Inc.
  • Jed Weintrob, Vice President and Head of Productions, Digital Video, Condé Nast Entertainment
  • Jim Kelleher, Vice President, Product Management, National Geographic
  • Brian Madden, Vice President, Audience, Hearst Digital Media
  • Eric John, Digital Strategy and Initiatives, MPA- The Association of Magazine Media (moderator)

"It's critical to leverage relationships you already have and offer cross-platform opportunities with desktop and mobile." –Jennifer Wilga


Jennifer Wilga, CRO, MediaRadar, stressed the importance of cross-platform opportunities for ad placement. Only 11% of mobile advertisers exclusively used mobile media in the third quarter of 2015, instead advertising on multiple platforms including desktop, print and mobile.


“When you look across the mobile – digital space, there is a massive flight to quality underway. We need to look at how we develop better consumer experiences, with better contextual relevance and more value for our advertisers.”  - Jonathan Schaaf

THE FUTURE OF MOBILE AND NATIVE PROGRAMMATIC: What will the marketplace look like in the coming year?

The Native-Programmatic panel, led by Matt Prohaska from Prohaska Consulting discussed how sales teams are monetizing the rapid growth in mobile, how branded content for advertisers fits into native formats, and how publishers are thinking about and weighing vendor selection for native and programmatic ad tech.  Agency lead Jonathan Schaaf, discussed how creative is manifesting itself in the mobile space and warned about creative shortcuts. “We want to avoid "taking the desktop model and jamming it into a mobile screen”.  Scott Cunningham, from IAB’s Tech Lab, discussed the impact of ad blocking on publisher revenue. "Users are clearly asking for choice. We're seeing a paradigm shift where millennials especially are expecting to opt-in (vs opt out.)" From left:    

  • Matt Prohaska, Chief Executive Officer and Principal, Prohaska Consulting (moderator)
  • Mike Smith, Senior Vice President, Revenue Platforms and Operations, Advertising Platforms, Core Audience, Hearst Digital
  • Jonathan Schaaf, President, Digital Investment, Omnicom Media Group
  • Scott Cunningham, Senior Vice President, Technology and Ad Operations, IAB

To watch a video of the session, click here


“We see a world where mobile devices are literally going to take over. Our lives and our identities are being reshaped by the mobile phone.” – Lauren O’Keefe Hendricks 


More people own a cellphone than a toothbrush. Lauren O’Keefe Hendricks, Vice President, Publisher Partnerships, Kargo shared this startling fact, along with many more, to illustrate the power and prevalence of mobile media in our daily lives and to suggest that it will continue to grow in the future.

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“Mobile apps are breaking all the conventions of what gets measured.” - Kevin King

MEASURING MOBILE AUDIENCES: Quantifying and selling mobile audiences and measuring consumer engagement

In this session, panelists discussed the difficulties of collecting audience analytics and user identification due to varying methods of data collection and unreliable sources like focus groups and location-sensing software.  The panel discussed the need for better audience measurement in order to increase ad spend from sponsors and to have a better sense of their users. From left:

  • Gayle Fuguitt, Chief Executive Officer and President, The Advertising Research Foundation (moderator)
  • Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer, comScore
  • Kevin King, Senior Vice President, Mobile Product Management and Innovation, Gfk MRI
  • Scott McDonald, President, Nomos Research
  • Adam Shlachter, Chief Investment Officer, DigitasLBi

To watch a video of the session, click here

"I eat, drink, live, breathe social media." –Jim Anderson

SOCIAL MEDIA AS THE MOBILE NEWSSTAND: Top 5 secrets of mobile audience development and monetization using social media

With the constant pressure to gain web traffic, followers and likes, it’s important for publishers to understand and develop social media strategy to maximize ROI and capture the attention of new and repeat users. Panelists discussed the ethics of clickbait, how to maintain brand integrity while promoting content and the potential catastrophe of being too dependent on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. From left:

  • Jim Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, SocialFlow (moderator)
  • David Park, President, Head of Business Development and Revenue, Bauer Xcel Media
  • Lana Jovanovic, Senior Manager, Digital Engagement, UBM Life Sciences
  • Jennifer Anderson, Vice President, Digital Audience Development and Database Operations, Bonnier Corp
  • Susan McGregor, Assistant Director, Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia Journalism School

To watch a video of the session, click here

"This is a generation that likes to own the creative process."- Elisa Benson


With “words” like YOLO and OMG becoming part of everyday speech, panelists spoke about the impact of social media on younger generations and how publishers can create targeted content to engage this age group. While some brands fall short with their social media strategy—misuse of hashtags, for example—panelists emphasized the importance of creativity and a sense of humor when targeting Generations Y and Z.  From left:

  • Will Palley, Associate Director of Brand Marketing, Quartz (moderator)
  • Elisa Benson, Social Director,,,
  • Maryleigh Bliss, Chief Content Officer, Ypulse
  • Winder Hughes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hi-Fi, The Mobile Lifestyle Network
  • Heather Thompson, Executive Editor, Bauer Xcel Teen Group

To watch a video of the session, click here

"One of the mistakes people make is they think we only want to read headlines on the Apple Watch." –Paul Canetti

BEYOND MOBILE: Wearables, VR, Connected Home and the Future of Media

Paul Canetti, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MAZ shared insight on the future of media after mobile by focusing on wearable technology, like smartwatches and contacts, and suggesting that holograms could even be a viable platform in the coming years.


“Everyone’s thinking about Apple News and Facebook Instant. Everyone’s there, because the eyeballs are there.  In this aggregator world, there is a potential loss of the consumer relationship” - Mike Haney

APP VS. WEB: The latest on the “walled garden” debate

Discussion revealed varying tactics to promote audience engagement, with panelists agreeing that aggregators were essential to create a personalized user experience with content that could be easily monetized. They spoke about the use of apps as an alternative to “article-ization” in aggregators, saying that while the number of users tend to be lower, these people are usually the most loyal and engaged readers. From left:

  • Mike Haney, Content Technology Consultant and Contributing Editor, Popular Science (moderator)
  • Beth Buehler, Senior Vice President, Digital Operations and Strategy, Rodale Inc.
  • Kimberly Lau, Vice President and General Manager, The Atlantic Digital
  • Sharon Bailey Romano, Director, Hearst App Lab
  • Paul Canetti, Found and Chief Executive Officer, MAZ


“Apple News is bringing us into this world we already need to be in, which is the atomization of content. We need to find more ways of serving up bite size pieces of content to our users in a more consumable format” – Ivan Mironchuk  

MODERN APP EXPERIENCES: A second chance to make a first impression

Ivan Mironchuk, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Digital Publishing, Adobe, shared innovative Adobe features that could help bring life to apps by creating eye-catching responsive layout content.

To watch a video of the session, click here.

“One day, we'll be able to immerse ourselves in historical events and change how we learn." –Jared Weiner

WHAT'S NEXT: Is virtual the new reality?
In the final session of the day, panelists discussed the next technological innovation beyond mobile: virtual reality. Though some consider virtual reality a gimmick, immersive technology could impact many major industries-- like tourism and education—and change how we tell stories in the future. From left:

  • Sahil Patel, Reporter, Digiday (moderator)
  • Ben Schachter, Senior Internet and Interactive Entertainment Analyst, Macquarie Group
  • Jared Weiner, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, The Future Hunters
  • Dan Ferguson, Executive Vice President, Digital Interactive, -VR Strategy, Groove Jones

To watch a video of the session, click here