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Money Talks: Driving Advertising Revenue
You are competing harder than ever for marketing dollars. Are you up-to-speed on the most valuable advertising sales strategies out there? Leaders in magazine media research, measurement, analytics and technology will share current insights and new tactics that will turn your time invested today into increased sales tomorrow.    

Money Talks: Driving Consumer Revenue
Your brand is connecting with consumers 24/7 across diverse platforms. Are you leveraging and monetizing those consumer relationships in the most effective ways? Join your peers for a half-day program exploring best practices and success stories in the areas of e-commerce, membership models, events, retail innovation and more. 

Meet the Innovator: MAZ
Join MAZ as they present Phoenix, the next generation app and digital edition content management system for premium content publishers. By seamlessly converting all of your digital files (InDesign, PDF and more) into HTML, MAZ has developed a truly modern, simplified cross-platform solution requiring zero development by publishers. 

Ad Sales Training from the Inside
Join a 3-hour workshop with George Janson. With more than 20 years on the buy-side of the print media business -- on brands such as Bayer, Chanel, Sears, Sony, Macy’s, Kraft and more -- Janson is now sharing his insider knowledge and expertise with magazine media sales professionals. 

IMAG Annual Conference 2016
Join us in San Francisco for the 12th Annual IMAG Conference, bringing together independent magazine media executives from around the country. Peer-to-peer networking coupled with peerless intelligence on issues central to enthusiast brands make this meeting essential for all indie leaders. 

Imagination Awards 2016
Roadkill Magazine, Taste of Home, PORTER Magazine, Backpacker, Active Interest Media, The Atlantic and Surfing Magazine Take Home Top Awards 

American Magazine Media Conference 2016: NEXT UP
Join 400 of the most influential people in the magazine media industry at AMMC 2016 to find out what's NEXT UP in magazine media and on the horizon for competitive and complementary industries. 

MPA Biennial Research Symposium 2015
Don't miss this New York City event featuring groundbreaking research from the Print and Digital Research Forum (PDRF) in London in October 2015.

Mobile Matters
The fastest growing magazine media audience platform today – mobile – is still largely untapped from engagement to monetization by magazine brands. Mobile Matters will bring together leaders in magazine media and the varied technology partners working to harness the promise of the mobile platform.




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