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TAP 2013 Conference Highlights

Nearly 200 top-level magazine executives, editors and industry insiders gathered at the Time & LIfe building to attend the TAP conference and see some of the most compelling innovations of 2013 across all publishing disciplines.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Katherine Oliver, Commissioner, NYC Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment

“New York City is second only to San Francisco in technology growth!"

Oliver outlined the Bloomberg administration’s commitment to building a tech-centric infrastructure that will transform New York City into a global epicenter for technology, innovation, education, enterprise, new media and entertainment. 

"‘We are Made in NY’ is an  extended advertising campaign and website to highlight NYC’s tech growth, vitality and diversity, and attract people to NYC’s thriving tech sector workforce. It’s one-stop shopping for all with resources to learn, launch, participate in NYC’s tech community.”

Phil Wiser, CTO, Hearst

Hackathons, meet-ups and data partnerships were the focus of Phil Wiser’s talk at TAP. 

 “Opening APIs fosters creativity. By opening up your content and data, you get new ideas with a fresh perspective. Innovative partnerships with Cornell NYC Tech, NYC Media Lab and Made in New York IFP Media Center are continuing a proud NYC legacy of groundbreaking private/public collaboration.”

Hearst has moved beyond its reputation as a publishing giant to becoming a powerful tech talent incubator.

Marc Francisco, Product Architect, CDS Global

Marc Francisco, Product Architect, CDS Global, discussed how CDS Global is helping clients manage their data with eEditions, a comprehensive solution that provides consolidated metrics from digital newsstand data across newsstands.

“Tablet sales are on the rise: they grew 53% from 2012 to 2013 with 184 million tablets projected to ship this year, and audiences are demanding digital.” 

Nick Bogaty, Head of Digital Publishing, Adobe

"Since the launch of Adobe DPS, more than 150 million digital publications have been downloaded on mobile devices. Once the consumer is in the content, they’re in for an average 50 minutes.

Adobe is announcing today that in the first quarter of 2014, we are licensing the .folio format for digital magazines. Consumers will have new content every day/minute/hour- all the time. HTML based… Smaller file sizes, less waiting.  Flexible content for multi-screen…easy to share to the web.

“We have a real opportunity to reach 25% digital circulation by 2016.”


Bruce Davis, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Digimarc Corporation

Digital watermarking is playing an increasingly crucial role in the Shopper’s Journey.  ALL YOU, HGTV and Lucky are just some of the publications blazing a trail from the printed page to social media and mobile commerce.  Each of these publications uses digital watermarking in unique ways to increase reader engagement, drive sales and open up new ad revenue channels in their print editions as well as in their other branded media.

“Digital watermarking is the secret sauce, and it’s the secret sauce because it provides for a reliable, efficient identification of your media, and for the benefit of many aspects of what you will want to do with your brands in the future.”


Brenda White, Senior Vice President / Group Director, Publishing, Starcom USA

John Balen, Associate Publisher, Marketing, SHAPE
Megan Boveri, Human Experience Associate Director, Starcom USA
Jennie Cady, Human Experience Associate Director, Starcom USA

How do you become more than “just another diet brand?”

Special K partnered with SHAPE to create an interactive custom tablet magazine that delivered expert, trusted content with authentic brand messaging.  The digimag allowed SHAPE to extend beyond brand into cross-platform integration.


Todd Krizelman, Chief Executive Officer, MediaRadar

Online video is soaring as brands continue to shift budgets away from broadcast TV and online display.  For publishers, this presents a great opportunity to offer new solutions to partners and prospects. 

“When we started talking to people in the market, they believed that most spots would be 60 seconds, even if there was a skip button because there was so much existing inventory at 60 seconds.  But we’re not seeing that at all.  In fact, we are seeing 15-second to 30-second spots make up 87% of videos out there.” 


Justin Hendrix, Acting Executive Director, NYC Media Lab

David Carroll, Associate Professor of Media Design, Parsons The New School for Design
Mark Hansen, Director, David and Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation & Professor of Journalism, Columbia University
John Kosner, Executive Vice President, Digital and Print Media, ESPN
Through the leadership of NYC Media Lab, companies and academic institutions are working together to advance technology and innovation.  NYC Media Lab’s Justin Hendrix introduced some of the key partners who are making the NYC Media Labs mission a reality.
“The goal was to build a consortium of schools and companies that could cross-pollinate in terms of media innovation and technology development and forge inroads into those institutions…” 
Patrick Aluise, Vice President and Head of Media, Blippar
Aluise described the Blippar strategy: bring stories to life, create compelling CTAs and deliver rich content. Publishers and brands can tell dynamic, entertaining and informative stories using Blippar as a lens that “unlocks” the real world and converts it into content-rich, interactive experiences.  
“It’s not about creating something new; it’s about leveraging what you have and making it an exciting experience for your consumer that can convert them to digital readers.”

Rick Haskins, EVP, Marketing and Digital Programs, The CW

“Digital is part of our DNA. The CW was created to service millennials…Do not listen to conventional wisdom; you need to do what’s right for business. We learned you can’t force consumer behavior…the convenience of mobile is far more important than the quality of a bigger screen…expanding your content footprint grows your overall business.”

Gavin Gillas, Chief Executive Officer, The Magazine Channel, Inc. 

The Magazine Channel has launched STACKS – a “Pandora” for the magazine media industry that pulls content from publisher-controlled niche content into a user-friendly interface on topics that fit a reader’s interest.

“We are really trying to look into the future and see how consumers act and what they want from magazines. They want to taste everything, and we really think this is a good way to see what your content can do for them.” 


Cliff Sirlin, Co-Founder, The Domino Media Group, Inc. 

Why domino? Why now? It's back by popular demand and back as a result of the power of social media. The new domino will be published quarterly in 2014 via newsstand and subscription. 

“Whatever our plan - we'll be making adjustments…we are looking for a higher level of engagement. We play to our strengths and that is interactivity through our visual content. Our readers believe: I am what I share.”  
With the right integration of print and digital, domino proves the publishing industry is as vibrant as it's ever been.
Sue Fennessy, Global Chief Executive Officer, Standard Media Index (SMI)
SMI is not a research company, but a data company that only discusses the truth about ad spend. According to SMI’s Sue Fennessy – magazine media spending is on the rise. Using the company’s real spend information to review industry’s performance, Fennessy provided critical indicators of magazine media’s performance and digital growth based on real expenditures.

“In order to have the bravery to experiment, there has to be some truths in data to take those risks." 
Sanjeev Ahuja, eMagazines
eMagazines tracks results of traffic sent directly to iTunes – allowing publishers to measure their success, expand business development and match their marketing programs.  Inside the eMagazines dashboard are real-time downloads rates and in-app purchases by campaign.  The app can even build partnerships and pay a commission when a partner performs.
“Consumers and buyers are moving to mobile consumption.”

Steve Rosenbaum, CEO,, and author of Curation Nation

“Are your readers plugged in or overloaded? Consumers will soon have their own digital island, and when they do, will your brand be ‘off’ or ‘on’ it? Content creation no longer creates authority; curation is king. Why do magazines win? Video is expensive…there is already too much of it and consumers want less of it…human editors beat robots…organization, presentation and mix give magazines the leading position.”